pro à pro export

As professionals of the retail and foodservice trades, at Pro à Pro export you will find men and women working on a daily basis to provide you with a suitable range of products and to guarantee you a quality of service to live up to your expectations internationally. Our sales, administration and export logistics teams are always on hand and ensure client satisfaction with professionalism, respect and friendliness. We make it our daily mission to facilitate your imports whilst acting professionally. Exporting food: so pro, so easy !

our products

Pro à Pro export: your internationally specialised central purchasing body offers you a wide range of triple-temperature food products: sweet and savoury groceries, drinks, frozen, fresh, and ultra-fresh food, and non-food items: beauty, hygiene, cleaning, tableware. We provide access to various national brands, our own brands, as well as own-label brands including Belle France. Pro à Pro export is the quality choice for more than 20,000 retail and foodservice products !

our services

We manage your entire order, simply and effectively, with our administrative and export logistics services. You send us your order and our team will advise you on choosing your selection and optimising your container and will handle all of the export formalities. Products that suit to your market and optimum logistics are essential for effectively managing your imports. Pro à Pro export: more than 25 years of expertise and experience in exports !


As a specialist in the retail and foodservice trades, are you an importer - distributor, independent supermarket or supermarket chain, wholesaler, airline catering company, or canteen? Are you looking to import products for your market? Pro à Pro export offers tailored solutions for your activity and your clients’ requirements worldwide.